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How many admins can I add?

An unlimited number of admins can be added.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The system will automatically cancel your subscription when your plan expires and you do not have a linked credit card. If you have a linked card, you can manually cancel the package through the system before the new billing cycle.

How do I create a store website?

It's easy! After signing up, you can add your products to Zaapi, they will automatically be displayed on the "My Store" page of your website. 

What is Zaapi?

Zaapi is a unified chat system for online businesses and stores that makes selling easier by integrating chats from various channels into one place. It also offers additional features to streamline your sales process.

How do I get billed?

Zaapi will send the bill to your registered email address.

Does Zaapi have a chatbot?

Currently, Zaapi does not provide chatbot services. However, we offer a “Quick Reply” function to save frequently encountered responses in advance. You can search for these saved responses using keywords for quick access. You may create up to 100 “Quick Reply” responses.

Can I try Zaapi for free?

Yes, you can try Zaapi for free for 7 days and access all the available features during the trial period.

Can I change my receiving account?

If you've completed document and bank account verification and would like to change your receiving account, send an email to info@gbprimepay.com with the subject line that you want to change your account by submitting your store name, Merchant ID, and website link. Then follow the steps promptly notified by the team.

Which types of businesses is Zaapi suitable for?

Zaapi is suitable for any online business or store that engages with customers through multiple channels simultaneously or has a large admin team. It provides a system that simplifies sales and customer service management.

How do I change my plan?

You can change your plan manually. Simply log in to https://app.zaapi.com, access the settings menu, then click on "Manage Subscriptions."

How many payment methods are supported?

Zaapi partners with GB Prime Pay, a payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods including - PromptPay, QR codes, Rabbit LINE Pay, TrueMoney Wallet, WeChat Pay and credit or debit card payments.

Can I sell products directly through Zaapi?

Yes, you can sell products directly through Zaapi, you can even create discount codes.

What languages does Zaapi support?

Zaapi currently supports two languages, Thai and English.

How many pages can I connect?

Zaapi can now integrate up to 100 accounts from Facebook Page, Instagram, LINE OA, Shopee and Lazada with no limit on the number of admins.

How many plans does Zaapi offer?

Zaapi currently offers monthly, annual and 3-year plans

Is Zaapi like Shopee and Lazada?

No. While Shopee and Lazada are E-commerce platforms, Zaapi is a chat integration system that helps simplify online business. However, if you want to sell products through Zaapi, we also provide store support where sellers can list their products for sale.

What else can Zaapi do?

With Zaapi, you can easily track the status of customers to see any pending customer requests. You can also assign custom tags/labels such as "new customer," "VIP customer," "pre-order," for easier organisation of your chats.

What are the channels I can connect for chat integration?

Connect to multiple chat channels across social media and e-commerce, including Facebook, Instagram, LINE OA, Shopee and Lazada.

How do I receive payments from my customers?

Our system first verifies the payment, and then the funds will be added to your Zaapi Wallet.

Can the price of subscriptions increase in the future?

Package prices may increase in the future.

How do I bill my customers?

You can create payment requests. Afterwards, you can send a link to the customer for immediate payment through chat.

Can I assign chat response to other admins ? 

Yes, you can assign chats to other admins to increase efficiency and speed in responding to customers.

Which platforms can I use Zaapi on?

Zaapi is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. For mobile, it is on both iOS and Android.

Can I purchase subscriptions on behalf of my company?

Yes, you can purchase subscriptions on behalf of your company. Zaapi will provide tax invoices for such purchases.

Will messages sent from the Zaapi system be counted as LINE OA broadcast messages?

LINE OA usually sets the number of messages that users can send for free each month (broadcasts and messages sent via API), but Zaapi has a solution. If a user responds to a customer message within 1 minute of receiving the message. If you respond more than 1 minute late, the message will be counted immediately according to the plan you have subscribed to LINE OA. here