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Package Duration
1 Year
Save 17%
Number of Connected Accounts
/ Account / Month
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line logo
shopee lgoo
lazada logo
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Number of Team Members*
/ user / month
Total Price
Total billed quarterly:
Total billed yearly:
Total billed 3 yearly:
*The prices listed above are exclusive of VAT (7%).
Centralise Chats and Collaborate Across Teams
All channels of chat included
Bring chat from all social media and e-commerce channels into one place, from Facebook Page, Instagram, LINE OA, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok.
Customise Workflows
A workflow management system that enables seamless chat responses with key features like creating Quick Replies, tagging customers, or tracking chat status.
Collaborate Across Teams
Easily manage your team on a single platform, enabling seamless customer care between teams.
Create and Manage Orders
Inventory Management
Real-time inventory set up merchandise status instantly on Zaapi
Download order information
Systematically download customer order information
Create Orders in Chat
Create orders instantly within the chat. Ready to send payment methods instantly.
Share items within chat
Share products that customers are interested in instantly within chat.
Record Customer Information
Store customer data
Systematically store customer data in Zaapi to improve admin responses
View Ad Source in Chat
Customers come from any Ads you know. View Chat Ads on Zaapi
Zaapi Support Team
Demonstration and basic instructions
Assist with features from customer contact to actual onboarding from Zaapi's support team.
Priority Team Assistance
There is a team ready to support customers continuously. Coordinate and provide guidance from the use of the system.
Credit Card
pricing visa svgpricing mastercardpricing jcb svgpricing amex
TrueMoney Wallet
pricing truemoney
Mobile Banking
Rabbit LINE Pay
pricing rabbit line pay
pricing promptpay
pricing wechat pay
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20% Early Bird Discount


  • Pay for a 7-day free trial


  • Discount for the first billing cycle only. The discount cannot be used in the next billing cycle.
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Early bird promotion

Referral will receive 2,000 baht.


  • When referring customers to apply for a package and use Zaapi in a 3-month, 1-year, or 3-year package.


  • Zaapi will issue a unique "code" for referrers for new customers to inform the Zaapi team of the code before signing up, and new customers will receive a 2,000 baht discount on the package whether they subscribe to a 3-month, 1-year, or 3-year package (discount for the first billing cycle only).
  • Referrer will receive 2,000 baht / new customer who subscribes to the package.
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Referral promotion

Moving customers get 20% discount


  • When applying for a 3-month, 1-year, or 3-year package
  • Customers who have migrated from using other chat integration systems to sign up for Zaapi


  • For existing customers who are using the service with another chat system and want to relocate, they must provide proof of application with such camp to check and determine eligibility for the transfer program.
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Payment Gateway Fee

Fees are charged only when they are used.
The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of service.

Mobile Banking Fees*
15 THB / Transaction
PromptPay QR Code Payment Fee*
Digital Wallet Acceptance Fee*
1.5% - 3.2%
Credit and Debit card acceptance fees*
3.2% - 3.5%
Withdrawal fees when paying with credit/debit cards
20 THB
Withdrawal fees over 50,000 THB
*All payment methods do not include VAT 7% of the net fee amount.
Merchants received = Product price * (1 - Fee (%) * (1 + VAT (7%))
Payment system provided by GB Prime Pay

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