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Centralise Chats

Tired of switching between multiple tabs to respond to customers on many different platforms? Connect your Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Shopee & Lazada accounts with Zaapi to view all of your chats in one single inbox and never miss a customer message again.

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Create and Manage Orders

With Zaapi's intuitive order management and notification system, you can streamline your operations, provide a seamless ordering experience for your customers, and stay connected with them throughout their purchasing journey.

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Record Customer Information

Whether they message you on Facebook or LINE, you can record all customer details in one place to help your agents personalise their responses. Zaapi’s integrated chat CRM helps you understand the customer wherever they message you.

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Customise Workflows

However your company works, you can customise Zaapi to suit your workflow to enable seamless chat communication with buyers. Add custom labels, create frequently used quick replies, and organise your inbox however you want with full flexibility.

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Collaborate Across Teams

Work together as a team from the same inbox with Zaapi team management and agent collaboration functionality.

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"Having started using Zaapi in 1-2 months, Zaapi's system has helped us achieve a 30% higher response time (SLA)."

After using Zaapi, it makes chat responses more convenient and faster, and you can check which channels are chatting from or which brand store accounts the CS team has not yet responded to, thus making customer service smoother, faster and more efficient.
Karmart Team
"Chat response rate on Lazada increased from 40% to 100% after using Zaapi chat integration."

Panacee Healthcare Business There are a lot of health-related products and I need tools to help integrate chat to make it easier for the admin team to work.
Panacee Group
"The average chat response rate has increased by over 50%, allowing the admin team to answer all questions and close all deals faster."

Castle C, Cosmetic and Skincare Business in Thailand Over 300 business brands, including more than 1,500 SKUs
Michelle Bermann, Chief Commercial Officer - Castle C
"We have multiple sales channels, so we have a tool to help you gather chat in one place."

We wanted to find a tool to help admins and sales managers respond to customer chats faster and help respond to more customers, until we found a chat integration system from Zaapi that has been experimented with and used until now.
Mr. Ball.
Project Manager, Levendecor
"The admin team or Customer Service has to respond to customer chats from multiple channels, making it slow to respond to each customer chat, so I want to find a tool to help answer the chat faster."

After using Zaapi, the response time to customer chats or SLAs increased by more than 70%, and in addition to the speed of responding to chats, the number of chats that were dropped after using the system was not missed in customer responses.
Khun Note Chanon
Director and Founder of Keepin
"Zaapi helped us to improve our chat response score from 30% to 70%"
Before using Zaapi, VCommon had difficulty responding to customer chats on Shopee fast enough. By boosting their chat response score, their overall store rating improved, enabling their products to rank higher in customer search results.
Mr. Bob.
Sales Manager, VCOMMON CO., LTD.

Our Client Testimonials

Learn how they are using Zaapi to manage chats

How Karmart decreased average response time by 30% with Zaapi

Regional cosmetics retailer Karmart saw a significant decrease in average response times by combining all brand channels with Zaapi

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Panacee increased its marketplace chat response rate to 100% thanks to Zaapi's chat integration system.

Panacee, Thailand's leading healthcare provider, uses chat integration from Zaapi in Customer Service

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Castle C increased chat response rate by over 50% through the use of Zaapi's chat integration system.

Multi-Brand stores sell cosmetics in Thailand with more than 300 brands. More than 1,500 SKUs in total

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How Leven Decor built a transformative chat CRM with Zaapi

Levendecor used that Zaapi CRM to give their admins a much better understanding of every new customer

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How Keepin increased their chat response rate by over 70%

Keepin, a leading manufacturer of delivery bags, significantly improved their customer chat response rate after combining all of their chats in Zaapi

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How Zaapi helped VCOMMON more than double its Shopee store rating

Vcommon improved their Shopee store rating from 30% to 70% by increasing their customer chat response times using Zaapi

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