How Keepin increased their chat response rate by over 70%

Keepin, a leading manufacturer of delivery bags, significantly improved their customer chat response rate after combining all of their chats in Zaapi

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Keepin is a prominent delivery bag manufacturer known for its end-to-end approach. From initial design to final production, they cater to both small and large businesses, customizing bag production to meet diverse customer needs. With such diverse customisation requirements, Keepin needed an efficient solution to manage customer chat interactions across their many sales channels. The co-founder of Keepin, Mr.Nott, shared the reasons why they chose to use Zaapi and what impact the product has had on their day to day operations.

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The Challenge

Prior to Zaapi, Keepin received messages across multiple channels such as Facebook, LINE OA, and Shopee for promoting products and engaging with customers. However, managing these channels efficiently was a hugh challenge. Chat agents had to juggle between many different accounts, leading to delays in chat responses and, at times, poor quality customer support.

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"Before we started using Zaapi, our admin and customer service teams were responding to customers across various channels, resulting in slow response times. We needed a tool to speed up our chat responses."

The Solution: Zaapi

Zaapi's unified chat system streamline Keepin's operations by allowing the admin team to respond to customer chats across different platforms simultaneously. Whether a customer messaged their team on Facebook or LINE, the message was picked up and responded to as fast as it would have been in the native platform.

The Results

After implementing Zaapi, Keepin saw a remarkable improvement in chat response times. The response time was reduced from approximately 1-2 hours to just 10 minutes. This resulted in an increased of over 70% in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for chat response time.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Quick Replies

Keepin's team frequently used the  "Quick Replies" feature to respond swiftly to common customer inquiries. This feature allowed them to efficiently convey information to customers and became an essential tool in their daily operations.

2. Custom Labels

The custom labels functionality enabled Keepin to categorize customers into different groups, such as new customers, loyal customers, promotional customers, or OEM customers. This segmentation allowed them to serve different customer types more effectively.

3. Admin Assignment

Assigning chats to specific admins simplified the chat response process and helped to manage the admins workload better across the entire team. This feature helped ensure that every customer received a prompt response.

"Zaapi's mobile application is highly stable and backed by excellent customer support, making it a superior choice compared to other options."


Responding to customer chats quickly is crucial for any business, but for business with highly customisable products it is all the more important. Zaapi has enabled Keepin to improve their entire chat commerce operations to a point where they feel confident that they can respond to all customers whenever a new message is received and they look forward to continuing the partnership with Zaapi long into the future.

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